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History of the Maine Chiropractic Association

1.The Maine Chiropractic Association was formed on October 1, 1922 in Augusta Maine

2.The first president was Dr.Percy C.Hardy. The dues were $5.00/yr.

3.B.J. Palmer encouraged the young association to introduce a chiropractic licensure bill immediately. On April 7, 1923 our licensure bill was signed by the govenor.

4.Dr.Isabelle Hieserick of Biddeford applied on September 25th, 1923 and was granted the first Maine Chiropractic license on October 2, 1923. She had been practicing in Sanford,Saco and Biddeford since May 15,1915

5.On October 4,1925, Dr.Clinton Clauson of Waterville who had been in practice since 1919, was elected president of the Maine Chiropractic Association. Dr.Clauson would become governor of Maine in 1958. Dr.Clauson died while in office of governor on Dec 29,1959

6.At a Waterville meeting on Sept 25,1954 it was voted for Maine to favor a two year pre-chiropractic requisite.

7.On November 10,1968, Mr.Carroll Martin was hired as our lobbyist at 4,500.00/yr.

8.In 1969 there were only 34 chiropractors practicing in the state

9.On May 15,1971,celebration of our victory in Augusta, where Workers compensation was passed on April 1,1971 including chiropractic coverage. Governor Ken Curtis, a friend of chiropractic and patient of Dr.Robert Lynch Sr. signed the bill and also signed inclusion of chiropractic services in Medicaid.

10.Medicare coverage of chiropractic has been included in 1970 by the U.S. congress after a grassroots effort by the chiropractic profession nationwide.

11.On March 7, 1973 Senate President Ken McLeod introduced a bill to delicense chiropractors in the state of Maine.

12.On April 25,1973 over 1,100 people showed up at the Augusta Civic center for a hearing on the McLeod’s bill. The bill died in committee 0-13 in favor of Chiropractic.

13.In 1978 John Royce becomes our new executive secretary replacing Carroll Martin.

14.In 1979 Dr.Pete Hoy resigns after 20 years as editor of the MCA newsletter

15.In 1983 MCA passed Workers Compensation legislation that allowed chiropractors to be reimbursed for the full scope of their license, not just hands on spinal manipulation. The legislation also allowed chiropractors to testify before the Workers Compensation Committee.

16.Also in 1983 MCA passed an updated scope of practice bill that reflected the many changes in our profession.

17.After many years of struggle, in 1988 we passed full insurance Equality under indemnity insurance plans which was all that existed in Maine at that time,

18.The Association was represented on the Mandated Benefits Advisory Committee which was set up to do away with mandated benefits. We were successful in neutralizing the negative efforts of the commission in 1989.

19.In 1991 we amended a physical therapy bill to allow chiropractors to refer to physical therapists.

20.In 1992 we passed the first in the nation Chiropractic Association Certification law. Many other states would follow our lead. This legislation become law without the signature of then Governor John McKernan.

21.Legislation was passed in 1994 that forced every HMO in Maine to include chiropractors in their network.

22.In 1995 we passed legislation that allowed chiropractic patients to directly access doctors of chiropractic without gatekeeper approval for up to 36 visits a year. This was the first and only law like it in the country. It has served as a model for almost every state in the nation.

23.Legislation was passed in 1997 that did away with a sunset provision on our Direct Access bill. Passage of this legislation assured continuation of direct access.

24.In 1998 we passed legislation that placed a chiropractor on the Board of the Maine Health Data Organization

25.In 1998 John Royce was honored at our Spring Convention for 20 years service to the MCA

26.Legislation was passed in 1999 that placed acupuncture clearly within the scope of chiropractic practice

27.We passed legislation in 1999 that allowed chiropractors to give second opinions in Workers Compensation cases.

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