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Did you know that diseased organs can be treated by stimulating points on the skin? An effective, holistic method of Chinese diagnosis and treatment is known as “skin talk”. This ancient art of healing, dating back 5000 years, is known throughout the world as acupuncture. Learn how the Acupuncture continuing education course can supplement your chiropractic practice.

The foundation of acupuncture is the two-way communication between the skin and all organs, glands, and tissues of the body. By stimulating certain skin points, the progress of the condition can be arrested and even reversed, bringing the patient back to health. Restoration of function is brought about by balancing the body’s own chi, the mysterious energy force that runs and heals the body.

Acupuncture is now:
1)Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO)
2)Recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH)
3)Recognized by most state boards
4)Practiced as a primary healing system by acupuncturists
5)Practiced as an adjuctive healing procedure by D.C.s, M.D.s, D.O.s. D.D.s.

New Basic Program Begins on Friday January 27, 2012!

Basic 100 (Level 1)- (25 Hour weekends over 4 monthly modules).

January 27-29 (Module 1), February 24-26 (Module 2), March 9-11 (Module 3), April 13-15 (Module 4)

Comprehensive 100 hour Exam- (Receive IACA Certification)

***The Basic 100 is designed to give the attendee a fundamental grasp of acupuncture and Oriental medicine including the meridians/channels, Chinese diagnosis and treatment principles, point locations, needling techniques and non invasive techniques, electro treatment (invasive and non invansive), moxabustion, non piercing needle treatment, conditions and protocols and Clean Needle Technique. This series focuses on the easy to learn and initiate into your practice Japanese style of acupuncture. This series also focuses on the foundation and practice of Five Element style Acupuncture and passage of the NBCE examination.

To Register: Call 207-989-0000 or Fax: 207-989-0752.



International Academy of Chiropractic Acup.


291 Main Road

Holden, ME 04429

207-989-0000   Fax: 207-989-0752

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Seminar Fees:

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565.00 (2 Weeks Prior)                  615.00 (2 Weeks Prior)____
585.00 (1 Week Prior)                    635.00 (1 Week Prior)_____

Registrations are accepted up to 90 days prior to the seminar date.
Refunds will be issued for full refund amount within two weeks of seminar date. Fifty percent will be issued within less than two weeks. No refunds will be issued less than seven days notice.


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